Wednesday 11.16.11

Heather D, 50 heavy kb swings



start at 85%1rm

increase weight if you can


200 meters with sandbag x 4



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7 Comments on “Wednesday 11.16.11”

  1. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Started Mike Bergners Bulgarian Program. Day 1: Mess around with 140lb squat snatches. 185 squat clean and jerks, and 210lb front squats. tomorrowing hoping to get in a nice hard metcon and start going at the wods with the intensity of this past weekend.


  2. Pete S. Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD at a non-crossfit gym in Tennessee. Had to carve out a spot among the bench-pressers:) Up to 165 on squat cleans, 175 without much of a squat. 13:13 on the WOD. Time hampered by the remote proximity of the erg machine to the weights. And the fact that 135 was way too heavy after rowing and I had to drop weight to 115.


  3. Joel Says:

    After a two day hiatus, did Monday’s WOD and subbed Row for calories for the pull-ups (giving the hands one more day to heal from this weekend). 8:45 w/2pd KB.


  4. Michele Says:

    Deadlift: 270# x2
    This was big for me. Have never deadlifted over 245# before and my last 2 rep max was 225#.


  5. Robert Rykowski Says:

    405 deads felt HEAVY today..good energy from 6:00 team on the runs


  6. Shu-Yee Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD.
    Hang Squat Clean- 95 PR!!! (last month was 90lb) …attempted 100 but didn’t get it. next time!
    did WOD A with 85lb power cleans …the first time ever I did that in a WOD! YAY


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