Garage Games

CrossFit Newton athlete, Jack Hile,  wins Southie Garage Games!!!! Michele Barbone takes 5th and Staci Ardison made it to the finals and gives the other athletes a run for their money. Mike Travis hung with guys 1/2 his age this weekend. I only hope that I am in as good of shape as him when I’m 50. Mike you are an inspiration.  Thank you to all of the CFN athletes who competed this weekend (Jack, Michele, Ryan, Heather, Staci, Dani, Susie, Josh, Grayson, Joel, Mike, Steve, Jay Y, Jay D, and Jay W). You all made me proud.



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14 Comments on “Garage Games”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Yee-haw! Congratulations to everyone – the growth has been exponential at CFN! A small box that packs a wallop of a punch! Can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday! Again, I applaud you all (last more exclamation point)!


  2. Nick C Says:

    Great job guys! It was awesome watching you all compete on this weekend!


  3. Jen Says:

    That awesome Jack, nice work!!! Congrats to everyone else too, it was great to watch everyone compete! sorry I missed today!!


  4. Shu-Yee Says:

    Nice job everyone who competed!! You guys are awesome!! Congrats to all!!!


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Congrats to all who participated in the games this weekend! I am sorry I was unable to be there to cheer you on, but you were in my thoughts. Looking forward to hearing more about it at CFN this week. Outstanding job!


  6. Beth Says:

    Congratulations! Nice work to everyone that competed…


    • Mike T Says:

      Jack, congrats! It was so much fun to watch you compete. By the way, my wife saw the podium picture and says you should have gotten a GIANT trophy!

      Michelle and Stacey, simply awesome performance – wow!

      It was a lot of fun this weekend. Big thanks to Gil and Jodie for preparing, encouraging and coaching us.



  7. Joel Says:

    Jack! Congrats man, so awesome that you took home first place! Congrats to Michele and Staci – way to go CDM! Had an awesome time competing this weekend and hanging out! I’ll see the 530 crew on Weds. (taking a few days off to let the hands heals a bit!).


  8. amy Says:

    you guys make me so proud!!!!! congrats to all! wish i could’ve been there to at least cheer you on.


  9. Matt Freake Says:

    We were able to come for a little while to cheer you guys on Saturday, but not for anywhere near as long as we wanted. Trying to check facebook for any updates we could get was torture yesterday! To all CFN athletes, tremendous job. I could really tell how much everyone was working towards this and to see all your effort pay off is just fantasic. Congratulations all of you!


  10. Amanda Says:

    Congrats to all! Glad I got to see a little of the games, you guys are awesome!


  11. Matt T Says:

    Congrats to all who competed. It’s a big step from coming in to do a workout to competing in front of everyone. Jack way to take first place, you’re an amazing athlete and it always amazes me how you never seem to slow down. Way to go Michele and Staci, making it to the final WOD is an amazing thing.


  12. Robert Rykowski Says:

    All I have to say is that comp was REAL – incredible showing by all CFN athletes. Really inspiring.


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