Saturday 11.5.11

Jay Y + Steve during the “Air Force” WOD

Back Squat


If you need to lower the weight do so. If you feel you can add weight do so.

rope climb

10 accents

rest as needed



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12 Comments on “Saturday 11.5.11”

  1. Ryan Cormier Says:



  2. Matt Freake Says:

    Phew! Got my friend Mike in visiting for the weekend so we decided to do “Danny” – 20 min. AMRAP of 30 box jumps (24″), 20 push press (115lbs), 30 pull-ups. Mike did 2 rounds + 33, I did 2 rounds + 62. Lots of fun. Doing the push press after the box jumps was worse than I expected!


  3. fred Says:

    Had a great session today.

    5×3 back squats at 225, 225, 225, 225, 235.
    Muscle Ups PR of 4 in a row, plus another ten in singles.
    HSPU practice with Deficit (45s and 25s stacked w/abmat) 5×3

    Got ten hours sleep last night. Makes a major difference….


    • Tiffany Says:

      Wow, Fred – great job on the MUs! It is amazing what a full night’s rest will do for performance and recovery. Thanks for the reminder..


    • Jack H Says:

      That’s an awesome set of four muscle ups – making it look easy!


  4. Jodie Says:

    Did layer cake wod today with a very bad chest cold! Chasing steve the entire time!!! Thank goodness that T2B were last so I could catch up. Thanks for the little push, steve, when we both approached the bar as u reminded me that T2B are my wheelhouse. Banged out 10, 7, and 3 to finish in 27:32 rx.

    Energy in the gym was buzzing this morning and helped me get 2 mu’s in a row….almost 3! 🙂 Happy day!!!!

    Great work by all the athletes doing the garage games wods….you all looked GREAT!!!! Nice Job Grayson with scaling up! You made it look easy.

    Fred’s MU’s were amazing and inspiring….completely helped me get mine. THANKS Fred!!!!

    The Small household was all over those rope climbs today….loved seeing the “J” technique completely mastered! great work!

    Matt and Mike looked like they were in Danny HELL. Way to get at it!

    Shu, Tim, Steve, and Tiffany were rocking the cake today with me…nice work to us all!


  5. Tiffany Says:

    As Jodie mentioned, I took my fair slice of “cake”…modified the SDHP with just sumo deadlifts – which obviously reduced my overall time to complete the WOD. I also subbed GHD situps for the T2B. 27:17.
    The rowing was the slowest part for me – I need to continue working on this to make up for my height deficiency.

    Excellent energy today – it always provides that extra little push to keep working through those moments when you want to rest.


  6. Steve Says:

    Enjoyed my piece of layer cake with the rest of the troopers this morning. Fred, 100% hear you on the sleep – got 10 hours myself and felt like a new man. Surpised myself with getting the first 2 rounds of kb swings unbroken, then went 25-5 (should have pushed through) and 20-10. Wish I had something left to kip the t2b but alas it wasn’t to be for a time of 28:20. Great workout for sure and great work by all!!


  7. Jack H Says:

    Before the workout I did some snatching today. I hit my old PR of 185 after two tries, then hit 195 on the first try. I was pleased with what happened next.

    Thanks to everyone at CFN for the support (particularly Matt for his awesome O-lifting coaching!) – I’ll see many of you at Southie


  8. amy Says:

    10 accents? like, french, british, indian… ? 😉

    jack, you rock.


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