Tuesday 11.1.11

Thank you so much to Fred C for opening his house to us on Saturday night. 

Mammal flesh, drinks and fun people. What else do you need?!


Once I get the pics from the throwdown I’ll make a slideshow. Should be some real good ones.

Thanks to Alan Tran for spending his Saturday taking photos

FGB Matt T(393 or 397) + Nick(351) 

Overhead squat

3 – 3 – 3

“Absinthe and Adrenaline”

overhead squats 95/65

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…1

after each round you will do 20 dbl unders


1. 3×3 ohs

2. “absinthe and adrenaline”

3. tabata row



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14 Comments on “Tuesday 11.1.11”

  1. jodie Says:

    i don’t know about anyone else, but I am FIRED UP about this wod tomorrow! 🙂


  2. amy Says:

    rofl!!! jodie, you’re hilarious!


  3. Joel Says:

    OHS – 3@115#, 3@135, failed @155#, failed twice @145#, 3@145#. WOD: approximately 19:00 Rx. Did double unders for the first time in a WOD – it was slow going.


  4. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Goat WOD:
    5 rounds of:
    4 Handstand Pushups Strict
    4 Back squat (205lbs)
    10 GHD situps

    16:48…all unbroken sets!!!! Hitting a hard metcon later today. Probally some more goatss.


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Did Monday’s “Mr. Goodbar” 10 min AMRAP, replacing ring dips with ring rows.
    3 DL @ 125#, 6 ring rows, 12 KBS (1pd)
    10 rounds + 3 DL + 6 ring rows + 8 KBS


  6. Staci Says:

    14:45, with 85lbs.

    my most excited moment was on my 8th round, i somehow managed to get all 20 doubleunders in a row.

    the other rounds weren’t anything like that one 🙂


    • Staci Says:

      oh, and 125 for 3, albeit wobbily – but pleased as that was my 1rm at the garage games 🙂


      • Benson Says:

        Sorry for the confusing counting during the third event. Hope I made it right, because you rocked it!!


    • Tiffany Says:

      Nice job, Staci! Those DU are getting stronger by the day.


  7. Robert Rykowski Says:

    got up to 175×2 on ohs. wod was 18:something. did 10 DUs instead of 20, roughly one for every 3 singles – trying to force myself to learn them the hard way. FUN!


  8. Michele Says:

    Awesome WOD!


  9. Nick C Says:

    Did Monday’s WOD
    WOD- 7 rounds plus 7 reps (295 DL)
    3 muscle ups on the minute for 6 minutes


  10. Jen Says:

    OHS 85, 95, 100 – not bad since I couldn’t do one at 95# the sectionals workout last year.

    WOD 11:50 Rx, but I was getting the bar up the longest way possible…will work on my snatch squat balance for next time!!! OHS were all unbroken, about half the DU sets were unbroken.


  11. Nick C Says:

    OHS- 135 – 155 (fail) – 135 – 145
    WOD- 7:32rx


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