Thank you to the CFN community!!!

First two minutes are relevant to this post and sorry about the Chinese subtitles 🙂

As many of you already know, I am competing this weekend in Milford on a CrossFit NewEngland team.  Not only is it a HUGE honor to be able to compete with such amazing athletes, but it has been the most incredible journey.  This road has pushed my level of crossfit competing into another STRATOSPHERE!!!  All the members on my team have strengths and weaknesses, but my weaknesses were REALLY thrown in my face when the WODs were posted last night. Every WOD looked so manageable….until the final one:

Team run 800 m

30 front squats 155/105

30 toes 2 bars (yah…wheelhouse!!)

30 pistols (15 EACH leg)

Team run 800m and no one starts running until EACH member does all of the above!!!

I bet you all could imagine my face.  I have worked my ASS off for 3 years to be able to squat on TWO feet past parallel.  Pistols…IMPOSSIBLE!  I didn’t want to single-handedly be responsible for my entire team DNFing that wod.  How horrible would that feel???  After crying for a while, I started reaching out for help within the BEST community I know, CrossFit Newton.  First, I made an appt with resident chiropractor and ART therapist, Dr. Josh.  He prodded, pushed, dug in, used every tool, board and method he knew to loosen up my hips, feet, and calves.  Then, I called Amy, resident muscular therapist, who worked for an hour on my calves (yes, it was painful).  Next I texted Tiffany, resident stretching expert who gave me a regime of things to do before attempting any pistols.  Of course, I cried to Gil, who had me practicing pistols in my pajamas at 10pm last night.   Several others texted with me showing their support and telling me over and over and over that I could do it, that I would be fine.  So today, at 12:30, I went to CFN.  I warmed up, stretched, rolled out my calves, sat in a squat for 5 min and then started pistols.  I fell SEVERAL TIMES on my ass, but I got up and started again.  Quitting was NOT an option.  I started with my heels on the big 10 pound plate then lowered it to the smaller 10 pound plates then lowered to the skinny 5 pound plates.  By 1:30pm I had successfully completed 15 pistols on each leg!!  I have never felt so accomplished EVER!!!  I wanted to share this with you because it was a HUGE testament to the power of our community.  If I didn’t reach out to you all, I NEVER would have been able to do that today.  We ARE a special breed here at CrossFit Newton and I am DAMN proud to be a part of it.  Thank you all for taking care of me today and always supporting each other on a daily basis. That’s really all that matters!

My team name is Team Choose The Wrench.  Kevin Daigle, my teammate from CFNE thought this name up.  It comes from the movie Good Will Hunting.  Below is a link to Daigle’s blog so you can see his thoughts on the topic.  It will resonate with many of you, I’m sure.  Watch the video clip at the top for the first 2 min, as well.

This weekend please send good thoughts to Milford for me and my team.

~ Jodie



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4 Comments on “Thank you to the CFN community!!!”

  1. Fred Says:

    Jodie: KICK ASS this weekend!!! I will expect nothing less than video showing you doing Karate Kid-like pistols because I know YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Think Karate Kid Crane Pose!!!


  2. Sylvia Says:

    Jodie, you are so dedicated, determined and work so hard and always accomplish your goal. You will do awesome this weekend and represent CFN like no other can. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!


  3. amy Says:

    When I think of Jodie, I get Bet Midler stuck in my head:

    “Did you ever know that you’re my heeeeeeero??
    You’re everthing I would like to be
    I can fly higher than an eagle
    ‘Cause you are the wind beneath my wings…”

    uber-easy-cheese sappiness, but it strikes home.

    GO KICK SOME ASS!!!!!! 😀


  4. Beth Says:

    Jodie you will do great!! Looking forward to cheering you on tomorrow!


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