Friday 10.14.11

Jen B

Front squat

in 10 min establish your heavy 1

“Morning Dew”

amrap 10

3 wall walks

6 c2b pull-ups

12 wall balls


1. front squat

2. “Morning Dew”

3.  400 meter treadmill sprint x 3



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15 Comments on “Friday 10.14.11”

  1. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Today was an interesting day…Didn’t really feel all that great. Didn’t real eat all that great. Had a 1 on 1 basketball tournment, and ended up making it to the 4th round, pretty happy about that. Was gonna work out after but was wayyy too tired…figured id take a second rest day. When back to the dorms to do some homework and was asked about the competition coming up. Decided i couldnt rest two days in a row.

    Gil had this idea called Double Fran
    -My best time ever for fran RXed was 7:40. This was with bumper plates that could be dropped, chalk, jodie yelling at me and a bunch of people also doing fran. I ended up at dropping it on like 25 of the thrusters and died after the last pullup

    Double Fran no Rest
    -Thrusters (95lbs)

    first half toke me 7:20 and felt exhausted but good enough to continue. second half ended up taking 12:20. First bad palm rip during second set of 21 pullups
    Double Fran = 19:40

    Thank you Gil for welcoming me into Crossfit, it has changed my life.


  2. Laura Says:

    Front Squat PR by 15lbs today!! 150lb!


  3. Pete S. Says:

    Failed 2x trying to PR in front squat at 225. I felt like I was there mentally, but couldn’t deliver.

    5+2 on “Morning Dew”


  4. Nick C. Says:

    FS heavy 1- 245lb
    morning dew- 6 + 15
    3x400m on the treadmill


  5. Fred Says:

    Did back squats yesterday so no front squats today.

    WOD: 6+1.

    I am planning to go to a track (in Needham, Dedham, Waltham?) tomorrow to do 4×400 meter sprints prior to the Gymnastics Seminar. Does anyone want to join me…..


  6. Joel Says:

    Heavy 1 FS: 255#. WOD: 5 9. Competitors WOD: 3 x 400m. Last one was about 1:35.


  7. Staci Says:

    155lb front squat, wod: 5+2


  8. Michele Says:

    new front squat pr: 175#
    wod: 6 rounds + 1
    (did wall climbs yesterday so i subbed in hspu; chest 2 bar pullups; 14# wb to 10′)


  9. Gilaad cohen Says:

    AWESOME job so far everyone!!!! Some nice PR’s


  10. Tiffany Says:

    115# front squat, wod: 5+3, 3×400 (7mph, 8.5mph, 9.0mph)


  11. jakemandell Says:

    FS 265×1 (+25 lb PR from two years ago, and +20 from last month). Thought I could do 270 but I got all mental at the bottom – next time I’ll have to listen to Gil more (“Elbows Up!”).

    WOD 5 rounds + 1, but only did regular pullups (not C2B)


  12. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Front Squat: 160. Matched my last PR. Tried 165 twice, but failed, even with some cheering on by the boys of 5pm. Sorry guys.

    Wod: 5 rounds even. Got a few chest to bars at the beginning but devolved into normal pullups after that.


  13. Robert Rykowski Says:

    245FS – finally able to do them in the front rack position! WOD 5+2, that was a burner


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