Monday 10.10.11

So “The beast” was great!! A lot of good athletes there. Jack ended up in 18th place overall and Michele 21st. They both did an amazing job and I am proud of both of them. I have a lot of video footage so I will create a little montage for you guys to see. John was also there. He clean and jerked 295lb. Crazy!!! It was a great weekend. Big thanks to Michele and Jack for representing CrossFit Newton so well.

Athlete briefing at “The Beast”

“Wod 5 at the beast”

21 – 15 – 9

row for calories

overhead squats 95/65



1. “garage games” WOD

2. On the min each min. for 10 min.

3 touch and go snatches starting@95/65.  Increase the weight each round.


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6 Comments on “Monday 10.10.11”

  1. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Congrats to both Jack and Michelle, you 2 are nuts. its about a month out from crossfit southie and im working on my goats =/

    Back Squat (135)
    Front Squat (95)
    OHS (45)



  2. Cristina Says:



  3. Mike C Says:

    13:41 for WOD5.

    Snatches done as power snatches since I was fighting off a puke. Rnds 1-7: 95#, 8-10: 115#.


  4. SACKrifice Says:

    WOD RX 8:17

    Snatches – 7rds @ 115 (squat Snatch) & 3rd as Power Snatches 115.


  5. staci Says:

    wod – somewhere around 12 minutes. really felt the pain from my massive cheat weekend.

    snatches – 10 rounds @65 then kept going but not on the exact minute – 3@75, 1@80, 1@90, 2rounds of 2@95, and 2 rounds of 1@100. (i know, i don’t follow instructions well, but thats a 15lb PR on my 3rm and 1rm :))


  6. Tiffany Says:

    Congrats to Jack and Michele on a good showing!

    WOD: 12:11 with 55#.
    Snatches: 2 rounds @ 45#, 8 rounds @ 55#.

    Great energy in the gym today!


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