Friday 10.7.11

You know someone is a CrossFit addict when… he writes the following on his plane ride back from Chicago…

The Way of The CrossFitter

CrossFitters might be considered a rare breed.  Or perhaps they exemplify a deeper part of the human being, that many have yet to uncover?

It appears odd to the average human being today that someone would move toward pain, into suffering, rather than avoid it.  However, the CrossFitter understands that pain is an Evolutionary Imperative.  Pain is merely the sensation that follows a stress, whether it is physical or emotional.  And without stress, there is no adaptation, there is no evolution of the self or of a species.  If stress was not a part of the universe, there would be no life at all.

In a society that is socially conditioned to avoid pain and impulsively seek pleasure, the CrossFitter is certainly apart of the  minority.  For he who is CrossFit has no emotional attachment to pain, has not let pain-avoidance behaviors dull his sensitivity to differentiate between good stress and bad stress.  In fact, he invites it, moves into it adventurously and with curiosity.  For CrossFitters, pain follows stress, and stress makes them feel alive. To be one with stress, is to be one with life.  It is something to be celebrated, explored, and not taken too seriously.

CrossFit is more than a gym, even more than a lifestyle.  It is a culture, a culture that is free of mental excuses, rationalizations, and dependencies.  This creates space for true human development and connection.  An environment that encourages this kind of liberation does more than condition the body, but also opens one to change in life and relationship to the world.  The CrossFitter understands and practices an intrinsic, essential truth and instrument of change… Face Everything, Avoid Nothing.

Joshua T. Gale, DC

               Josh understands this because he lives this.  He’s game for anything, anytime. Josh will never shy away from a challenge nor quit at the feeling of any discomfort.  Josh is a CrossFitter in every sense of the word.




3 rounds

30 squat cleans 95/65

30 pull-ups

run 800 meters

Those who are new to CrossFit will use a medball for this WOD and will scale the pull-ups accordingly



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13 Comments on “Friday 10.7.11”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    Josh, I tip my hat to you! That was an amazing post! If anyone has not done so yet, def need to go out on a Saturday after a WOD with Josh to grab something to eat at The Coffee Corner and just have a discussion with Josh.

    The last time I did this was with Cristina, Josh and I. Leaving that conversation made me want to throw my TV into the trash.


  2. Cristina Says:

    Do I feel a new shirt slogan coming…. Face Everything, Avoid Nothing.

    Love the post Josh!


  3. Nick C. Says:

    WOD- 35:14 (run- 2x around the block)
    -during the 2nd round of cleans my back started to hurt and I completely lost focus. ended up doing them in sets of 3. round 3 i was able to suck it up and do 10-6-6-4-4 on the cleans.
    -great job by Steve S. he crushed this one!


  4. Steve Says:

    Awesome perspective, Josh and spot on! Those for whom CrossFit makes sense and has been the answer to their past frustrations of the monotony of the 30 minutes of carbio / 30 minutes of weight workout are indeed a different breed. We like challenges. We WANT challenges. And with each challenge taken comes success. And each success breeds further success. CrossFit demands that each person look inside and him/herself and find the will to continue even through the pain and stress you describe, but in an atmosphere that is fully supportive and celebrates each and every accomplishment of others. I am so unbelievably thankful that I found CrossFit and a community of like minded individuals who all looked at the “normal American” way of life and knew that there had to be a better way.


  5. Staci Says:

    ran around the block twice also instead of the 400m twice. still havent figured out which is worse…



  6. Fred Says:

    Oh BOY!!! This WOD crushed me….At the start of the second run, I told myself that there was no way I was doing round 3, but I would finish the run and let Gil know I was defeated. My legs and lungs were on fire.

    After the run, I mumbled something about not going on to Gil and thankfully, he just listened and said nothing. He followed me to the barbell. In that short period of time I decided I would just do a few squat cleans, but then it would be over. 30 reps later and I was on to the pull-ups. I was actually so elated to make it back to the run, that I ran faster and felt on a “high”.

    Gil, thanks for knowing when to say something to push me and when to say nothing to push me!!!

    38:17 rx.


  7. Joel Says:

    Holy crap, I can’t wait to do this one tomorrow! What a beating!


    • Joel Says:

      Wow, that one was tough! 39:20 Rx. That second round is a tough one to get through. Really had to grind out the 3rd round. Glad to do this one today rather than 530 am!


  8. Laura Says:

    I obviously have to do this one next week. Can’t wait!!


  9. Ryan Cormier Says:

    36:40 plus a few ripps, sore lower back, and burning glutes

    First time back into crossfit newton since i left for school. It was great almost threw up a few times, but i loved every second of it. can’t wait to compete next to everyone in a few weeks


  10. Heather Donnelly Says:

    40 minutes even. That was insane. My running and the squats held me back, felt like I caught up a little bit on the pullups at least. 🙂


  11. Jen Says:

    37:47 Rx, my pull ups are horrible right now…good thing I can run! Squat cleans were rough but not as bad as I anticipated…did 10, 8, 7, 5 the first round and then did sets of five the rest of the way!


  12. Tiffany Says:

    Did this on Saturday. 41:38 rx. I would have liked to get sub 40 min, but 90 reps of squat cleans at 65# is pretty heavy for me.


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