Thursday 10.6.11

This Weekends schedule

Friday – class as usual

Saturday – 9am and 10am. 11 is canceled ( if you can’t make the 10 you can come to the 9)

Sunday – class is canceled

Monday – There’s only a 12:30 class

Young fire breathers.  Start em’ early


max reps x 3

rest 3 min between each set

If you can normally do 21 unbroken do them w/ a deficit



max reps at 60% 1 rm

3 sets, rest 3 min between each set


300 x 5@max effort

rest 1 min between each set


Any time left over may be used to practice a skill



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17 Comments on “Thursday 10.6.11”

  1. Mike T Says:

    Traveling tomorrow. Dang, I miss the rowing intervals!! 🙂


  2. Ryan Cormier Says:

    1×2 Power Snatch 125lbs
    1×2 Clean and Jerk 160lbs
    2×3 Back Squat 225lbs

    2 rounds of:
    7 Muscle Ups
    14 Power Cleans (175lbs)
    21 Burpees

    Muscle ups were tought because they were strictish L-Muscle Ups
    Power cleans suck becaus 175lbs is heavyy =[
    Burpees suck i go like 10 strong then i cant breath/move.


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    I ended up doing Tuesdays WOD in the AM (5:30AM)

    Ended up with 21:53 and my god was it awful! The only thing that kept me going was the fact that Jeff kept walking by saying dont give up!

    Then Nick watching me and saying just get them done!

    Also, shout out of respect for ANYONE who can handle a 5:30AM class! I was cold, snotty, and just all around complaining! Great job for everyone who had to listen to me today!


  4. Fred Says:

    HSPU: 10 reps, 7 reps and 6 reps.
    I round of max rep Push Press @ 95#…17 reps.

    Rowing 5×300: 0.58.2; 1.05.4; 1.07.4; 1.08.4 and 1.09.1.

    I felt very lethargic and heavy on the HSPUs and PPs, but I blasted to failure on the rows. Felt some of the pain barriers I was talking about in yesterday’s comments.

    Clearly no great breakthroughs or performances here, but I was happy with pushing beyond my comfort zone on a day when I would much rather have been sleeping.


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Fred you really pushed that row today man. I can tell how uncomfortable you were. Awesome job!!!!


  5. Nick C. Says:

    press w/ 100lb- 14, 12, 9
    row- about 1:02-1:04 each interval
    OHS and muscle up practice afterwards


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      you didn’t look like you were enjoying yourself at all on that row nick. Good work!


  6. Tiffany Says:

    press @ 60# – 25 reps, 25 reps; press @ 65# – 19 reps. I suppose it is time for me to go a bit heavier..

    row: 121.3, 1:19.9, 121.2, 121.3, 122.4…not bad for being completely congested. Legs were on fire during the last row. Excellent conditioning…I need to do this more often.


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Tiffany if you were a bit taller you would kill your rowing time. Great job on the push-presses.


      • Tiffany Says:

        Thanks, Gil. I will put longer limbs on my Chanukah wishlist this year…

  7. Staci Says:

    grayson, you can’t possibly be whinier than i am at 5:30am. 🙂

    did 7 sets of 5@95lbs for the push press. wasn’t feeling a max reps day.

    didnt see exact times for the row, around 1:05-1:15 for all of them though.


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Staci you don’t really whine that much. You just make sad faces


    • SACKrifice Says:

      you looked happier then I did this morning! If it was not for Nick, Susie and Jeff I would have stomped out of that place, more hardcore than a 7 year old getting kicked out of a birthday party.

      The WOD made it fun too this morning.


  8. Robert Rykowski Says:

    12-9-6 hspu, all rows around :58 – got more like 2 min rest in between from sharing machines


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