Tuesday 10.4.11

Jodie coaching Susie during FGB6


3 rounds

6 thrusters 95/65

12 box jumps 24/20

18 kb swings 1.5/1

rest 3 min

repeate for 2 more times

for a total of nine rounds



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10 Comments on “Tuesday 10.4.11”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Today I did different kind of wod in preparation for the beast of the east. I did a rendition of one of the CFN wods from last week.

    8 minutes to establish 1 rep max squat clean
    in following 10 minutes do 3 muscle ups unbroken every minute on the minute

    I am incredibly happy with the way it went today and that I chose to do a clean instead of a snatch. I squat cleaned 250. That is a 20 pound PR for me and probably the best lift of my life. I’m so psyched for the beast of the east and more than ready to represent CFN. Hope all is well at the gym! – Jack


    • Jodie Says:

      Gil and I are SO psyched for you and michele! I’m also glad that gil is going to be there with you both for coaching the entire weekend!!!! I’m sorry to miss it…my son has a golf tournament in Long Island. But I will be getting the up to date feeds on twitter from gil!!!

      Good luck and CRUSH THE BEAST!!!!!!!!



    • Jodie Says:

      oh, and congrats on the PR…you’re insane!


    • Staci Says:

      going to see if i can make it to see you guys after my friend’s wedding – depending on how far it is and how I’m feeling 🙂 either way, GOOD LUCK. you guys are going to kill it.


  2. Staci Says:

    oh, and:24:47 total time for the WOD.


  3. Ryan Cormier Says:

    All signed up for Crossfit Southie, Representing Gil, Jodie, and Crossfit Newton


  4. Cristina Says:

    Can’t wait for the Attack of Jack at Beast of the East!


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Total time for today’s WOD: 22:36
    Breakdown per round (not including the rest periods): 5:18, 5:42, 5:36

    Best of luck to Jack and Michele at Beast of the East!!


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    wod: 32:07 Rx. That was BRUTAL. But I finished, which was my only goal. Push through.

    I signed up for the garage games today. This is going to be insane. 😀


  7. Robert Rykowski Says:

    this was an EXTREME wod. 30:45. nice one gil.


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