Saturday 10.1.11 “AMAZING GRACE”


Clean + Jerks

30 reps for time


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14 Comments on “Saturday 10.1.11 “AMAZING GRACE””

  1. Joel Says:

    4:09 Rx


  2. Jodie Cohen Says:

    3:28 RX, PR for me by about 30 seconds.

    Great day at CFN today. So nice to see the usual suspects and newbies doing this wod. I am always inspired when someone new attempts one of these famous crossfit wods with everything they have. Congrats to ALL!

    Awesome work on the PR’s of the day….I think I heard that Nick Crowley took over a minute off his last time….that’s RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Gilaad cohen Says:

    GREAT job by everyone today. Some BIG Pr’s and fast first timers. Really psyched with how everyone performed today.


  4. matt t Says:

    Very motivated watching everyone giving it all they had. It was a full house full of energy. Many people had pr’s and many more did grace rx for the first time.


  5. Nick C Says:

    Grace- 2:51 . . . did grace in February in 3:55
    Great job by everyone today!


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      That’s a huge Pr man!


    • SACKrifice Says:

      I really thought when you did the first ten unbroken that you where just going to keep going! Awesome!


    • Ryan Cormier Says:

      So my goal is always to match up around your scores….i’m doing this one tomorrow…. this is gonna suck to try and get…yesterday i was thinking i was gonna try and get sub 5min…Everyone will know who to blame when i pass out tomorrow…

      Thanks for being so ridiculous at crossfit.


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I finished in 6:53. First time ever doing Grace Rx. My next goal is to do it sub-5 minutes. 🙂 Great job by all.


  7. staci Says:

    3:17rx. hadn’t ever done it before, but definitely think that all of our practicing with 105lb on everything helped BIG TIME.

    and yeah, my goal was to beat nick. next time! 🙂


  8. Ryan Cormier Says:

    First time doing grace, calves and hammies and abs demolished from the kb swings, DU, and situps the other day… I got 5:27 rxed….i’m starting tro finally see a difference in my wind, but my legs still get burnt out way to quickly…wahh =[


  9. Joe Says:

    5:07 for 30 reps. 6:06 for 34 reps. I watched a video of it and realized I did too many. Really happy with both times. Still sore.


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