Thursday 9.29.11

Nick c

Kettlebell swing@53/36

100 for time

Dbl unders

max in 2 min x 3

1 min rest between rounds


100 for time



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9 Comments on “Thursday 9.29.11”

  1. Staci Says:

    4:45 on the situps and kbswings.

    36/36/31 on the doubleunders. just happy i wasn’t doing burpees there 🙂


  2. Joel Says:

    5 mins on the KBs and I think about 5 mins on the situps too – I did a terrible job at keeping track of the time on the situps. Double unders, well, let’s just say it was a little frustrating but I made a tiny bit of headway. Not even worth counting the amount of DBLs completed…


  3. Tiffany Says:

    Did a mix-and-match day.
    Wednesday’s WOD w/ DL 95#: 11 min (it was just one of those days where stringing together the pullups was not happening)

    100 situps for time: 2:47

    Skill work: ring dips – did two consecutive unassisted for the first time! Pleased with doing this with good form, so I decided to stop on a high note.


  4. Michele Says:

    KB Swings: 3:27 unbroken
    Double Unders: 137, 121, 127
    Sit-Ups: 5:00


  5. Matt Freake Says:

    Tore my hands yesterday so couldn’t grip the KB, so subbed 50 wall balls using the 30lb ball. Took 7:52. Definitely could do that faster if my arms were less sore. Next time! Double unders were 112, 118, 115. Very happy with the consistency. Situps in 4:30.


  6. jodie Says:

    3:14 on KBS, unbroken (thanks for the motivation on that one Michele!!!)
    95, 90, 89 for DU….that is almost double what I did last time we did 2 min for time….I’m pretty psyched about that!


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