Your CrossFit Hour + Possible Addition of Classes

I’ve been noticing that the hour is not being utilized as well as it could be (I understand we’ve been a little lax about it)

In order for you to get the most out of your time at CFN we need to make some changes.  When you first arrive you will do a mini warm-up WOD, which will be on the board.  This should take 10 min or less.  Once your warm-up is completed you will spend another few minutes on an extended warm-up.  By 20 past the hour you should be getting started on your Strength/Skill.  If there is no Strength/Skill, then you will start warming up with the movements in the prescribed WOD for the day.  If you need help with any movements we will work with you until you are comfortable with them.  By 20 of we should be starting the WOD.  This may vary a bit day to day depending on whether or not there’s a strength/skill or a longer WOD.

Thanks everyone!


We were thinking of changing the morning schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Instead of just a 6am class each of those days we’re thinking of switching to the same schedule as Mon/Wed/Fri, 5:30 and 6:30am.

Post your thoughts to comments.


Gil, Jodie, and Matt


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10 Comments on “Your CrossFit Hour + Possible Addition of Classes”

  1. Stacy S. Says:

    Not sure I could drag myself out of bed for a 5:30 class and a 6:30 class is too late.


  2. Joel Says:

    It makes me sad to say, but I’d love a 530 class. It’s really the best time for me to get a workout in


  3. Laura Says:

    Love 5:30am!


  4. staci Says:

    i love both of these things. 🙂


  5. G Force Says:

    All ideas are great!!!!! The 530 time is perfect for when I know I will be at work late and can’t make any of the evening classes.


  6. Jeff Says:

    definitely a great idea-


  7. Joe Says:

    I’m excited to do more each class and have more class options.


  8. rrykowski Says:

    new format worked great this morning. i much prefer a warmup wod to a series of stretches and whatnot. it’s much more fun.


  9. Tiffany Says:

    Great new format, and a wonderful way to work on skills and form before the workout.


  10. Gilaad cohen Says:

    Yeah. We def needed a change. You’re all going to benefit a lot more from this type of structure.


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