Thursday 9.22.11

Grayson + Matt T

Fight Gone Bad

Slammin’broken “Randy”

Power Snatch

5 sets of 15@75/55

after each set do 10  mb wall slams(each side)

rest 1 min between each set



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5 Comments on “Thursday 9.22.11”

  1. rrykowski Says:

    12:30 @75#. wall slams were real creepers by round 4/5. need a rest day soon!


  2. Joel Says:

    11:00 exactly with rest. Rx on weight (20# med ball). Liking the structured class with a pre-WOD mini-WOD!


  3. Tiffany Says:

    I did Tuesday’s WOD:
    4 Rounds,
    5 DL @ 125#
    3min AMRAP
    3 KBS 35#
    3 HR pushups

    12+2, 13+2, 12+3, 11+3

    I actually found this WOD fun..


  4. Joe Says:

    11:47 with rests at 65# on the snatch. I should have done a little heavier. It was tough, but I didn’t feel like I was about to die.


  5. Michele Says:

    11:10 rx


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