Monday 9.19.11

Heather + Rob 

Choose two of these WODs

In between each you will have a rest time of 5 min.

choose the two that you feel might be harder for you


3 rounds

15 power cleans 155/105, 115/80

10 burpees


3 rounds

15 thrusters 95/65

run 100 meters w/sandbag


3 rounds

row 500

10 toes to bar

50 dbl-unders


amrap 3 min

Find your max overhead squat in 3 min


amrap 3 min

muscle-ups or pull-ups


Here are a few MWODs to help you with tomorrows WODs



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5 Comments on “Monday 9.19.11”

  1. Nick C. Says:

    WOD B- thrusters/sandbag- 5:17
    WOD D- OHS/muscle ups- 165lb then 3 muscle ups

    Not happy with the muscle ups but I guess thats what happens when you don’t practice them! I am looking forward to trying WODs A and C tomorrow!


  2. Fred Says:

    WOD A: 115# Power Cleans and Burpees–3:54.
    Then, OHS in 3 minutes 95#, 115# and 135#.


  3. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Did A: 95lb cleans and burpees in 6:17.
    Then D: OHS, 85 and 95. 32 pullups.


  4. Jodie Says:

    WOD D: Never found my max OHS before b/c I could never do an OHS for real. Took my time and stopped at 115! I don’t think that is my real max, but I didn’t want to hurt myself having never done this before.

    Then did 4 MU in 3 min with strict lockout at bottom!

    WOD A: with 105lb, 8:00 that 105 felt REALLY heavy after all the OHS!


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