You guys really killed it today!!

Fatigue didn’t stop you, pain didn’t make you quit.

There were a lot of PR’s. It felt like sectionals again. You all gave it all you had.

Thank you!!



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7 Comments on “FIGHT GONE BAD 6”

  1. Grayson Says:

    Fight Gone Bad was AMAZING! I felt good with my form and did not break any PR’s but I was excited that I could be part of it!

    FGB 332

    Felt strong on the wall balls and the Push Press which are always my weakness.


  2. staci Says:

    331, which i’m ok with. last time was 283, so its at least an improvement 🙂


  3. Nick C Says:

    FGB- 358 (PR)
    Great times today and awesome job by everyone. I wish I could have stayed to cheer everyone on. Real proud of my younger brothers for both doing FGB as their first crossfit WOD. I told them next time they are doing Fran!


    • Gilaad cohengil Says:

      Nick, It was awesome to have your brothers in. They did a great job. I guess if they have you and Sean as roll models there’s no reason for anything other than that.


  4. Jodie Says:

    305 not my best day. No repped on some wall balls and was spent from yesterdays wod at newton north. Ok Gil. U were right! I shud not have been smoking my shoulders w 30 lb dumbbell snatch and du. That wS just DUMB!

    Great energy in the gym today. So awesome to see nick Crowley’s younger brothers and jake’s friend Doug attack this wod. U all were AMAZING!

    CFN athletes rock!!!!


  5. matt t Says:

    FGB 393 pr. I agree amazing energy in the gym. Everyone pushed it with all they had.
    Its always a great time hitting fgb with everyone. Congrats to everyone who took on this workout for a first time. Lots of improvements for all today.


  6. Ryan Cormier Says:

    5 sets of L-sits(20 secs)

    Deadlift (185lbs)

    4 min 47 secs…i wish i used chalk probally would of cut off like 30 seconds


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