Wednesday 9.14.11

Susie G

Dani K


100 double unders

30 overhead lunge steps 45/25

50 burpees

30 overhead lunge steps 45/25

100 dbl unders


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5 Comments on “Wednesday 9.14.11”

  1. Nick C. Says:

    WOD- 9:51 . . . legs are smoked after the past few workouts


  2. Pete S. Says:

    18:30. Slowest. WOD. Ever. Have not recovered from Murph 3 days ago.


  3. Joel Says:

    Did yesterdays WOD. Cleans – 185#x2x5, 190x2x1, 200×1 then 205×1 for the 7th set. Gil thought I should keep going and try to get a new 1RM, so I did what I was told. 210#x1, 215#x1 and I still had some gas in the tank, but I had to get moving and get to work! New 1RM/PR by 35#.

    Row: 57.2, 1:02.2, 1:01.2.


  4. Jodie Says:

    Well, it’s confirmed…double helen inflamed a nice case of plantar fasciaitis on my left foot. Dr. Josh took good care of me with that god awful tool and scraped all the adhesive scar tissue away (YES, that freaking KILLED). so, no du’s or lunges were allowed for me today. Insead of getting depressed, I decided that this would be the PERFECT day to work on MU’s. After doing about 10 without any issue I decided to get my goal for the summer….2 consecutive MU’s. With a little guidance from Gil, I was up there at the top of my second one in less than 10 min!!! NOW THAT FELT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I had done 30 mu’s for time, since I did almost that today as it was. Next time!


  5. Asian Jay Says:

    WOD-12:00 shoulders were smoked


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