Monday 9.12.11

Gil & Jodie,
Weight has always been an issue with me. Growing up I was classified
as an obese child. Eventually, through pressure and assistance from

family, I lost the weight, but once I left home and entered college I
immediately put on the freshman “thirty-five”. After college I entered
the real world with the excess weight and all time low self-esteem.
Additionally, being from New Hampshire, I felt lost and had zero
support here in Massachusetts. Determined to do something about my
weight, I joined a local gym down the road from where I lived only to
find the same feeling, lost and un-supported.

At work I found my excessive weight getting in the way of my progress.
 Then, one day, I found Crossfit, which is what led me to CrossFit
Newton.  The first few months consisted of Gil’s determination to
teach me double unders while listening to a slew of complaints.  It
took one of the members challenging me to push myself.  I used that
challenge and what Gil had shown me to conquer double unders.  I have
not looked back.

Once I accomplished a few of the movements of Crossfit, thanks to Gil,
I wanted to tackle my next challenge, my eating habits.  Who would

have thought that eating a box of cereal every four days and having
chicken fettuccine alfredo twice a week was that bad for you?  Jodie,
you soon put that to an abrupt stop and began showing me the Paleo
diet and how it can benefit my overall health.  If you could have only

seen me the first day I walked into the store and bought vegetables.
From that day on I began showing up to work with steamed broccoli,
chicken and almonds.

I just want to say thank you to the both of you.  If it was not for
Gil showing me the movements and having me understand the mechanics of
Crossfit movements, I would still be trying to get one double under.
Jodie, if you never put the time aside to show me how to set up a

proper nutrition plan, I can guarantee that there would be at least
three pints of Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer.  The community that you
two have developed is what pushes me to the next level.

Grayson S

“Double Helen”

3 rounds

run 400

21 kbs@1.5/1

12 pull-ups

rest up to as long as time it took you to complete

Then repeat Helen for a second time


OK, so I talk a lot about how important mobility is.

 From now on, with each daily WOD I will be posting a few Mobility WODs

To help you with your mechanics.

I recommend you do both of these before the WOD today.


Watch the first half of this one

It will help with shoulder mobility

Here’s the second

This one will open up your hip


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13 Comments on “Monday 9.12.11”

  1. Michele Says:

    round 1: 13:12 rx
    round 2: 14:40 rx


  2. Pete S. Says:

    Taking today off as I did Murph yesterday. 1st ever attempt and finished in 50:34. Sore today!


  3. Joel Says:

    Round 1, 12:59. 11 minute rest. Round 2, 13:30-ish. Only did two kettlebell swings on the third round of the second time through – have felt a little pain in the hip flexor area, so I moved onto pullups.


  4. Staci Says:

    round 1: 14:57
    round 2: 15:20


  5. Steve Says:

    Doubled up the work in each round to avoid the rest:
    Run 800m
    42 KB swings
    24 pullups


    Much needed rest day tomorrow!!! Lower back is not happy with me right now…


  6. Laura Says:

    That was excellent! And so much fun. If I could string pull ups together it would have been a lot faster – have to work on that. 15:41 1st round, 5 minute rest, then 16:something…


  7. Jodie Says:

    I agree with Laura…that was EXCELLENT! I did not think I was going to be able to do it again the second time, but I just kept my feet moving.

    12:58 round 1, 13:54 round 2, rx

    It’s amazing how the stairs contributed to tonight. 😛

    GREAT job done by 5 and 6pm. I especially must give props to the newer CFN peeps that have not even done HELEN ONCE, let alone twice!!!! Kudos to you all…valiant effort by all!!!


  8. fred Says:

    Helen 2x is brutal….I, like Jodie, did not think I could get a second Helen done. Thanks to Grayson for helping me push through both.

    11:43 round 1 rx
    14:49 round 2 rx

    Round 2 was just a mental fight to see how much I could block out my increasing desire to just stop the pain.


  9. Nick C Says:

    Helen #1- 11:31
    Helen #2- 12:48


  10. Robert Rykowski Says:

    #1: 12:53
    #2: 13:43
    really proud that I got the kbs unbroken – progress!


  11. Heather Donnelly Says:

    #1: 14:52 rx
    #2: 15:59 rx

    Am glad that I only gained one minute of time on the second round. 😀


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