Friday 9.9.11

Coach Matt at the old place on California St.

1. front squats

1 – 1 – 1  @ 95%1rm

2. “Mateo”

15 – 12 – 9 – 6

 front squats 135/95(challenge 155/105)

 knees to elbows

ring dips

run 100 meters



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17 Comments on “Friday 9.9.11”

  1. ryan cormier Says:

    This looks like the type of workout you throw up during…I am very excited.


  2. Michele Says:

    160# fs
    wod: 26:41 105#; single leg single black band

    needless to say i’m pretty sure i have figured out what my goat is. ring dips suck.


  3. Joe Says:

    215# Front Squat. 20# PR.
    16:19 WOD with 135# and blue band on ring dips.


  4. Joel Says:

    240# x 1, 245# 2×1. 14:45 on the WOD w/135#. Pretty slow going on the knees to elbows and ring dips. Had to finish up rings one at a time on the last set.


  5. G-Force Says:

    These last few WODs have been destroying me…

    10rds cindy on Monday with SDHP in between rounds was AWFUL! Especially with Rob chasing me.

    Wed – Wendler DL & Box Jumps! Followed by a row and HSPU 1:40 on the rows and 7 HSPU on both sets…

    Thursday – 15min AMRAP – 3 +92… I now understand that my sit ups need a lot of work! That is what held me back.


  6. Mike C Says:

    215# 1-1-1
    9:57 WOD w 135#


  7. Robert Rykowski Says:

    I really want to do this today, but I also really need a rest day. the dilemma!!


  8. Nick C Says:

    FS 215-215-235
    WOD- 11:16 with 155 FS


  9. Staci Says:

    155 front squat.

    wod: 19:02 w/105 and the red band for ring dips.

    ring dips = awful in the first place, let alone two days in a row.


  10. Pete S. Says:

    205 FS 1-1-1
    WOD 11:50 with 115 and a red band. Glad I scaled it.


  11. Fred Says:

    215 FS 1-1-1
    WOD 13:Something (took me a while to realize I forgot the last run!!). Did the first set of Ring Dips unassisted then need the band after 5 on the second set. I am SO Frustratied with myself!! Not because of my performance on this WOD, but because I have known ever sense I started Crossfitting that Ring Dips are a huge weakness for me. I chose to just ignore them. BIG MISTAKE. If they come up in the Garage Games, I am done.

    Know your biggest weakness and make a plan to get it stronger.

    At Gill’s suggestion, I am starting with 2 ring dips on the minute for 10 minutes during warm up and hopefully progressing to 3, 4, 5 etc. as time goes on. Thanks, Gill, it is a great idea and I know it works because I have used this to increase my HSPUs during WODs.


  12. Tiffany Says:

    FS – worked on finding my 1RM since it’s been a while…95# – 3 reps, 110# – 2 reps, 115# – 3 attempts, making it half way up each time and hanging out a bit. Soon enough..

    WOD: 75# FS, mini purple band for ring dips 10:48
    On the final set of E2K, I finally found my rhythm in the kip.


  13. Jake Says:

    FS 235-255(F)-235-235. WOD 19:00 rx, grinding out the RD in singles after the second round was frustrating…. Thanks for the encouragement, Gil….


  14. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Worked to my heavy front squat today. 160 – a PR by 25. 😀 FINALLY above bodyweight which was my goal for a while.

    wod: 12:14. 95lb, red band ring dips. I hate ring dips.


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