Wednesday 9.7.11

This was really hard. My heart rate wasn’t up at all. This was all neuro-muscular fatigue.

Something new for me. Wanted a quick transition, but my body just wouldn’t do it.

Nothing like “Diane”

1. Deadlift

5 sets of 5@60-65%1rm

after each set you must do 5 high box jumps

we will figure out the height when you get here

2. Row

500 meters

after the row do max hspu

repeat 1 more time

rest 2:1

your rest will start after the hspu

if you can’t do hspu don’t worry, we can figure it out


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17 Comments on “Wednesday 9.7.11”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Suddenly I feel really inadequate about my kipping HSPU’s! Gil, you’re a BEAST!!!!!! Love the SLOW MO of the fall out of the first HSPU….awesome.



  2. Jack H Says:

    My God, that was just a herculean workout. I’m trying for 405 before christmas . . . Gil just hit it in a WOD


  3. Tiffany Says:

    WOW! This was incredible to watch, Gil 🙂
    Was this your first time doing RHSPU’s in Diane?


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      “Diane” is 21, 15, 9 of deadlift 225# and regular hspu. Much more cario. This was whole different animal. first time doing rhspu in a WOD.


      • Tiffany Says:

        Nice to see you pushing the envelope and shaking things up a bit! You make the workout look fun (and not just because of the time distortion).

  4. Robert Rykowski Says:



  5. amy Says:

    i love how your rest looks more tiring than the movements cos you’re moving so fast. lol


  6. Mike C Says:

    Did 235# DL, 38″ box jump for part 1. Got up to 42″, a hair from making 44″ after I was done w the 5 rounds.

    Row/HSPU: 1:47, 8; 1:50, 10


  7. Staci Says:

    that workout = awesome.

    245 deadlift/33″ box jumps

    1:48/1:53 for the rows, 10 and 12 for hspu with an ab mat.


  8. Cristina Says:

    You look like a Crossfit Charlie Chaplin. Insanity.


  9. Michele Says:

    deadlift 205# w/ 30″ box jump
    wod: 1st round 1:59/10 hspu; 2nd round 1:57/10 hspu


  10. Jodie Says:

    Sore hammies from yesterday so went with 175 dl and 29 in box for 4 rounds bc I was chickenshit to do 30 in. Gil talked me into it for last round and it was no prob. Figures!

    1:53 on row then 5 and 7 strict hspu.


  11. Joel Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD. Hang cleans, 135, 165, 185, 200. WOD 9:05 @135#


  12. Robert Rykowski Says:

    still feeling mondays workout, tough day. 275 on the dl, 33″ box jumps. 1:43/8 1:47/8 on the wod.


  13. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Max weighted pullup
    1x 65, 1×75, 1×85, 1x 95, 1×100

    10 rounds of:
    3 weighted pullups (45lbs)
    5 strict pullups
    7 kipping pullups

    My hands are so tender, and all my callosous (dont know how to spell) opened up…my back is stupid sore/dead. I miss crossfit newton. Gotta start doing the main page soon.


  14. Gilaad cohen Says:

    Love the comments everyone!!! keep em coming


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