Friday 9.2.11

Gil and Jodie,

“I have been training at Crossfit Newton for about two years.   I cannot begin to describe the transformation that my body and overall well being have gone through since I started training with Gill and Jodie.   They are excellent  coaches and they both have unique ability to motivate me and get me to continually improve my performance.  As a direct result of joining Crossfit Newton, at 44 years old, I am clearly in the best shape of my life.   I am particularly impressed by the community of athletes at Crossfit Newton.   With Jodie and Gill setting the tone, the Crossfit Newton community is one of inspiration, motivation and support.  Everyone, regardless of age or physical ability improves dramatically once they stick with the program.  It is quite enjoyable and motivational to watch the transformations.    I have played athletics my whole life and have never experienced the level of honest support, friendship and success that exists among the athletes at Crossfit Newton and throughout the Crossfit community.”


Mike T

during the DU, KBS, Dip WOD

1. Strength/Skill

Clean and Jerk

1 – 1 – 1 – 1

This is a heavy one. Not max

Try to stick with the same weight for all 4 sets

2. “Grace has balls”

3 rounds

10 clean and jerks 135/95(challenge 155/105)

25 wall balls



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17 Comments on “Friday 9.2.11”

  1. Jodie Says:

    SICK delts Mike!!!!


  2. Joe Says:

    PR’ed with 165 on the power clean. 12:50 today with 115# on the WOD. Not a lot of energy left after 5 days of CF.

    Last night’s class was great! Everyone was high fiving and cheering each other on during the runs. It really helped keep me going. Good job everyone.


  3. Matt T Says:

    Mike looks Cut-
    Clean and Jerks just didn’t happen today. Missed the jerk 3 times with 270.On a positive note power cleans feel good. Lats were blasted from the heavy power cleans going into the wod. 8:31 with 155#
    Way to go Stacy on this one you killed it.
    Shout Out to JOE-5 Days straight. Enjoy the rest day to come.


  4. fred Says:

    Did Wednesday’s WOD today. Deadlifts 245# 10 round 1, then 13 round 2.

    WOD: C2B and Burpees, 8 + 3. Last round did C2B singles. Had nothing left to even string two together.


  5. Joel Says:

    Did Thursday’s WOD. OHS – 5 reps @ 95, 115 x 2. WOD 18:39 with 85# OHS. Love me some overhead squats!


  6. Pete S. Says:

    Back this morning after a month off to rest my achey bits. Eased back in with 11:23 WOD with only 95. Still sucked! In a good way of course…


  7. Michele Says:

    135# c+j x 4
    wod: 10:46 w/ 105# c+j and 15# wb to 10′

    thanx for making me go heavy jodie. took about 5 minutes of lying on the ground to recover from this one.


  8. Jodie Says:

    9:14 with 105lb and 15lb ball at 9 foot target. Couldn’t quite get the 10 foot today with all the C & J.

    didn’t find my heavy 1 b/c I was practicing split jerk technique so I can stop being afraid of that move and get some serious weight over my head. Worked up to 115.

    Very FUN 12:30 class today!!!! 🙂 We rocked it.


  9. Tiffany Says:

    9:22 @ 65# c&j and 13# ball with 9′ target (I used to do 10# at 10′ and decided to increase weight today).
    Heavy c&j @ 95# (PR 🙂 ) aiming to get over 100# over the next few weeks.

    I have to agree with Jodie – awesome 12:30 class today!


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Tiffany, soon you’ll be doing the 13# at the 10′ target and getting over 100 will be no problem. Nice PR today T.


  10. Staci Says:

    8:57 with 95lbs and 15lb ball.

    115 on the C&J, failed on 125, but HUGE THANK YOU to Fred, something you said stuck, went after the WOD just to practice form, and was able to get 125×5 without too much struggling and with form i was actually comfortable with 🙂


    • gil cohen Says:

      AWESOME Staci!! This is what I love about CrossFit Newton and the CrosFit community in general. We are all willing to help each other excel and get better. This is a family and it’s just getting bigger. I love all our athletes here. Thank you everyone for always trying to help your fellow athlete.


  11. Cristina Says:

    Knee feels good after this week’s thrusters and wall balls. Hee haw! My fingers are still crossed…


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Im so psyched Cristina. My fingers are crossed as well. It’s funny how you said you’re not gonna lift any heavy weight, but you did 95# for the WOD today. LOL!!!


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