Wednesday 8.31.11

Jay Y doing “annie” finished in 5:55(a 1:30 PR)

1. deadlift

 warm-up to 90%of90%1rm

then do max reps

rest 5 min and do it again

2. WOD

amrap 7

5 c2b pull-ups

7 burpees

advanced athletes: for burpees hips and chest may not touch the floor

stop 2″ above the floor and come back up



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13 Comments on “Wednesday 8.31.11”

  1. G-Force Says:

    Asian Jay is AWESOME!!!! Way to bring a victory to the table! I got extremely tired watching Jay do this!


    • Asian Jay Says:

      haha thanks guys, i’m still convinced i counted wrong. we’ll have to redo that one again some day.


  2. NIck C. Says:

    Jay- great job on Annie! really impressive time!

    DL- 295 x 8 and 295 x 9
    WOD- 10 rounds plus 3 reps . . . c2b started strong but got real tough for the last few minutes


  3. Staci Says:

    deadlift: 265×7, 265×8, but had to reset halfway through both times.

    wod: 8+5, regular pullups, not c2b, but was happy just to be getting full sets of 5 in a row instead of my normal 3 🙂


  4. Mike Says:

    DL 275×7, 275×9
    9 1


  5. Joe Says:

    295 for 12 then 11.
    WOD: 6+7. The transitions with the band took a while.

    Today made 3 days in a row, a new record. Looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t get any more sore.


  6. Grayson Says:

    DL – 365lb 2sets of 9reps… I could have gotten two more reps but after yesterdays wendler of DL I was dead tired!!!


    9+8… I really need to work on my C2B ASAP!


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I worked on my max DL today. 230lb – PR by 25. 😀

    wod: 7+8. Got chest to bars on the first couple rounds, then normal ones after. Gotta work on those.


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