Tuesday 8.30.11

1. bent row

10 – 10 – 10

2. WOD

3 rounds

50 dbl unders

21 kb swings 1.5/1(advanced athletes 2/1.5)

15 ring dips



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18 Comments on “Tuesday 8.30.11”

  1. Mike C Says:

    185# bent row.
    WOD – 10:51 w. single unders (150/rnd) and 2pood kb


  2. staci Says:

    i wanted today to be my doubleunder day, but it just wasn’t.

    lost a lot of time first round trying to get them, then gave up and did 150 single unders instead.

    14:33 with 1.5kb.

    95 on the rows.


  3. Nick C. Says:

    WOD- 10:54 w 2pd.- Double unders in rounds 2 and 3 were horrible. Per Gil’s suggestion I am going to start working in tabata double unders post WOD to clean things up.


  4. Joe Says:

    worked up to 145 on the rows.
    13:30 something on the WOD with single unders.


  5. Tiffany Says:

    Rows: 70# – 2 sets, 75# – 1 set
    WOD: 6:05 with 1 pood KB, and red band for dips. Can’t wait to be able to do more than one on my own.


  6. matt t Says:

    Rows used 100#db for 3×10
    Wod: 6:30 with 2pd kb


  7. Jodie Says:

    11:53 rx and real ring dips….45 of em! woot woot! They were tough at the end, but I wasn’t giving up on my goal of doing real ring dips on a wod! πŸ™‚

    rows, 10 x 65, 10 x 85….low back pain, so didn’t do any more.


  8. Michele Says:

    so jodie chanllenged me to do the wod without using a band for the ring dips. of course i had to accept. first time doing a wod with ring dips. took about 6 minutes for the three rounds of double unders and kb swings and almost 21 minutes to do the 45 ring dips. but it feels good to say i did it and the put the rx next to my time of 26:41.


    • Jodie Says:

      I’m so proud of you michele….you are a fierce competitor and I knew you wouldn’t quit on those damn ring dips! Now if ring dips show up at Beast of the East, you can have some confidence that you can do it!!! Remember HSPU’s….they are a joke for you now!

      Next goat….mu’s! πŸ™‚


  9. matt t Says:

    Jodie and Michele that’s sick you both did ring dips, especially 45. Gil I’ll just duck the smaller metal plates next time.


  10. Robert Rykowski Says:

    9:46 with 150 singles and 1.5p. gotta learn how to double!


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