Paleo Challenge winners



Here are the paleo challenge winners!!!

In first place:

Joe Lind

Joe says “the thing that has stood out is the support of
everyone in the gym. It was difficult to change habits. Knowing that I
was a part of a whole gym doing the same thing helped me avoid
cheating many times. The paleo challenge helped me meet many goals: I
am no longer obese, I can do a kipping pull up, and I get compliments
almost daily. Beyond the paleo challenge, I’m working on figuring out
what my next goals are: more weight loss, multiple pull ups, double
unders, and a 775 cross fit total–all within the next year.
Thank you for creating an environment that encourages us to keep
pushing ourselves in a way that is very enjoyable.


The two runner ups:

Heather Donnelly

Heather says,”Here are some things I am super happy with because of the challenge:
Dropped at least two pants sizes.
Rx’d Fran
Huge overall improvement on wod scores
huge strength increase
feeling healthier than I ever have
I wish I could add “muscle up” to this list, but sadly it was not
meant to be yet. 😉

Thanks guys!!!!

~Heather Donnelly

Since the challenge Heather has been PR’ing like crazy

Joel Robbins

Overall, I went from 184.9lbs. to 168 exactly – a 9% decrease in my
weight. I believe my BF went from 20.9 to 17ish (exact numbers are in
my journal). This BF # is a little weird though. The scale I have uses
a few different settings (fitness levels). At fitness level 2 i wish
17ish, but at fitness level 3, last Friday I was 11.7%. Nonetheless, I
dropped close to 4% body fat, representing about an 18% decrease in my
body fat.Here are a few of my
benchmark workouts:
Body Weight Back Squat – 28% increase in reps.
May 2 – 29 reps        July 26th –  37 reps
Dead Hang Pull-ups – 50% increase in reps.
May 5 – 8 reps    July 26th – 12 reps
Sectional WOD – 33% increase in total reps.
May 4th – 6rds, 10reps – 226 reps total    July 25th – 8rds., 12 reps
– 300 reps total.
Overall I feel so much more healthy and cognizant of what I am putting
into my body. My numbers may not have been that great (ok for just
having a baby and starting a new job!), but even if I had a bad meal
that negated all of my points for the day, the meals were not too
terrible and most of my other meals were pretty close to paleo
guidelines. I’ve lost a good amount of weight, but I don’t feel like
it has compromised my strength in anyway, which was important.
Additionally, I now eat fruit and berries, somehting that I did very
little of before.
I’ve had so much fun doing this and I love to make my way to the gym –
even though it might be at 5:30 in the morning these days!
Thanks for putting on the challenge and for putting together great
workouts – I cant wait to see what I feel and look like after a year!


Congrats to the three of you. You all worked hard and had many obstacles to conquer.

Thanks you for sticking with it and trusting us. I am proud of all of you.



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2 Comments on “Paleo Challenge winners”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Bigtime congratulations to the three of you!! I agree you totally deserve to win and I am very proud of you. I know firsthand it’s not easy but keep up the great work! It is paying off bigtime.


  2. Jodie Says:

    I am humbled every time I help someone at CrossFit Newton with their nutrition. Thank you all for trusting me with your questions, concerns, and overall health. What you all do in here everyday amazes me!


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