Tuesday 8.23.11

Jodie + Michele

1. Skill

Practice something that needs work

2.“a bird in the hand’s worth two in the bush”

2 rounds

30 kb swings@1.5/1(for more advanced 2/1.5)

30 hr push-ups

row 300

with no rest transition to:

3 rounds

21 box jumps@24/20(for more advanced 30/24)

 15 sdhp@95/65 (115/85 for more advanced)

run 200


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10 Comments on “Tuesday 8.23.11”

  1. Nick C Says:

    WOD- 26:53rx . . . 115lb high pulls are fun


    • Jodie Says:

      it’s never a good sign when Nick C. takes this long on a wod….we’re in trouble tonight I think! 😦


  2. Joe Says:

    27:30. 1.5pd, 24″, 95# high pulls. I thought there were only two rounds for the 2nd part, then Gill reminded me as I was panting on the ground. Ha!


  3. Mike C Says:

    23:57. 95 on the high pulls, everything else rx.


  4. Jack H Says:

    Yesterday was a rest day, but today went right back at it with the Hero WOD, “Joshie” (5 rds, 7 MU and 21 burpees) and lots of strength with front squats, snatch grip deadlift, shrugs and dumbbell bench


  5. Michele Says:

    25:09 advanced rx
    that was rough but I liked it


  6. Jodie Says:

    23:59 adv rx. It was nice to see Gil’s score on the board today….gave me something to aim for. 🙂


  7. Robert Rykowski Says:

    26:40 1.5/27″/115.Lower back is dead – so many deadlifts these days! killer workout!


  8. Heather Donnelly Says:

    26:45 with 65lb sdhp, 45lb kb, 24″ box, so… rx and a half? Haha. Good wod.


  9. Jen Says:

    25:32 light weight division…joined the 6am class…first work out in 10 days…I actually enjoyed this one!!


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