Monday 8.22.11

Pete s, Jay D + Jeff T

1. front squat

find your heaviest 5 in 3 sets

2. WOD

3 rounds

10 hang squat cleans@135/95

10 handstand push-ups



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7 Comments on “Monday 8.22.11”

  1. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Strength work:
    Back squat 185X7
    Front squat worked up to 195 for 1 (legs were jello)

    3 rounds
    20 lunges(55,70, 85)
    20 squat jumps


  2. Nick C. Says:

    heavy 5 front squat- 185lb
    WOD- 7:25


  3. Joel Says:

    Heavy FS – 185, WOD 8:40. HSPU with pad + 10# plate.


  4. Mike C Says:

    heavy 5 FS – 205lb
    WOD – 10:32 (2nd set of SCs was 6 SCs plus 4 FS).


  5. Michele Says:

    heavy 5 fs 145#
    wod 8:39 rx (under 7 minutes with the only the last set of hspu to go and just kept failing)


  6. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Heavy 5 was only 105. Could have gone more but we only had 3 tries. 😉
    wod: 8:01 75lb + abmat only. Not bad. 🙂


  7. Jodie Says:

    tough wod for me….12 something. Not a smart idea to do HSPU with deficit….screwed me for the rest. I now have TOTAL respect for you guys that do that shit on a regular basis.

    Thankfully, I did 5 muscle ups after the wod so I didn’t leave totally depressed! 🙂

    5 and 6 pm was packed….awesome!!!!!


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