“Amazing Grace” Mammograms in action and “Fight Gone bad”

Everyone!!!! Please sign up for Fight Gone Bad 6 A.S.A.P It’s going to a great cause and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. The more of you that sign up the more fun it will be. So SIGN UP NOW!!!!Click HERE. If you want to register. Scroll down a few posts and check it out.


We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a fund raiser for breast cancer. It’s called Barbells for Boobs (catchy right?) and we plan on hosting the event on Saturday October 1st. For people who cannot make it on that day we may also have another day for people to complete the WOD. What is the WOD ? It’s Grace – 30 clean + jerks for time 135/95. Obviously the weights will be scaled to ability level so that everyone who wants to can participate. The cost per participant is $35. You will receive a t-shirt and we are hoping to make a video of everyone doing the workout (hopefully wearing the shirts). This really is a good cause and your money will be put to good use.

For those of you who are interested please visit the site (by clicking here) and register yourself. Then send me an email (crossfitnewton@gmail.com) with your name so we can start getting a list together. If you would like to have your t-shirt on the day its probably best to register now.

Video from last year

Amazing “Grace” began as a small, local fundraising event to help fund mammograms for the young women of Southern California who couldn’t afford one themselves. Thanks to a ton of support (and sweat!) from our local CrossFit community, we were able to raise $4000 and fund our very first mammogram.

Before we knew it, we were receiving countless emails and phone calls from CrossFit affiliates from around the world asking how they could participate and help our cause. We are proud to say, that just one year after the inaugural event, we were in 5 countries, had over 400 CrossFit Affiliates get involved, over 5,000 participants and raised over $300,000 in the 2010 Amazing “Grace” fundraiser. Make history and REGISTER TODAY for Amazing “Grace” 2011!



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4 Comments on ““Amazing Grace” Mammograms in action and “Fight Gone bad””

  1. Laura Says:

    What time will these WODs be?


  2. Mike C Says:

    Any make-up day on FBG6?


  3. Mike C Says:

    Couldn’t find anything besides affiliate registration for Barbells for Boobs. Anyone find individual registration?


  4. Jodie Says:

    I don’t get the registration for this event. Gil, the link you put on there is for affiliate registration, not individual. I can’t seem to figure it out anywhere. I’m not a whiz at this kind of stuff, but this one is crazy confusing.

    Someone please look into this and let me know. ahhhhhh…..



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