Wednesday 8.17.11



 amrap 20

5 deadlift@275/175

6 ring dips

7 kb swings@2/1.5

8 box jumps@30/24



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14 Comments on “Wednesday 8.17.11”

  1. matt t Says:

    Did this wod yesterday. It was fantastic until I had 5 minutes left. My heart was in my throat. This wod was a great creation by Gil. 12 rounds 5deads 2 ringdips


  2. Joel Says:

    8rds 3. DL 225#, 2pd KB.


  3. Fred Says:

    7 rds. 5 DL + 5 Ring Dips. DL @ 225; KBs at 2 pd. Brutal WOD. Ring dips are one of my biggest goats. Couldn’t do 1 set unbroken, but happy to do them all without band assistance.

    Mike C DESTROYED this WOD this morning!!! Great job, Mike.


  4. Nick C. Says:

    Nice job Matt and Gil. Also great work by Mike in the 630am class.
    WOD- 8 rounds plus 2 DL. 275lbs got heavy fast.


  5. Mike C Says:

    Thanks Fred and Nick… 10 rounds with a couple secs left (225# DL, 2pd swing)


  6. Staci Says:

    2 box jumps under 10. thats one sip of water. lesson learned for next time 🙂

    did with 185lb deadlift and red band for the ring dips.


  7. Michele Says:

    11 rounds + 5 deadlifts + 1 ring dip (175#, red band, 1.5, 24″)
    I think Jodie and I using the same equipment and chasing each other the whole time really pushed me to go harder and faster


  8. Heather Donnelly Says:

    8 rounds plus 18 with 135/1pd/red band ring dips. Brutal, but awesome.


  9. Jodie Says:

    11 rounds plus 3 dl 175, 1.5 poof, 24 in, 2 rounds no band on ring dips then fatigue (and reality) set in and used the red band for the other 9 rounds…phooey!!!!!

    I concur w Michele. She did NOT let up and forced me to do everything unbroken. You are a beast. REGIONALS (said in my best Grayson voice) 😉


  10. Gilaad cohen Says:

    Really happy with everyone’s performance today. AWESOME JOB!!!!


  11. Michael Pennini Says:

    Such a good work out so intense!


  12. Asian Jay Says:

    7 rds plus 3 DL Rx
    Deadlifts and heavy KB swings fried my lower back


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