Friday 8.12.11

Wes + Mike

1. Seated box jump

6 sets of 2

Increasing height

2. WOD

3 rounds

15 hang power clean 135/95

15 burpees

weight will be scaled as needed



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5 Comments on “Friday 8.12.11”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did yesterdays WOD. 16:07.


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I also did yesterday’s wall ball monstrosity. 16:15. Was expecting far, far worse. 😀


  3. Jodie C Says:

    I did today’s wod….icky!

    6:07 with 95 lbs. I think that was rx for girls.

    Buck Furpees would be a good shirt for me to have right now! 🙂

    Box Jumps from small box to 24 inch with 45, 25, and 3, 10 plates on it….so somewhere in the realm of 32 – 34 inches. Just trying to keep up with Susie who made that look ridiculously easy! And, the boys in class were ridiculous….the green 30 inch box with like 6 plates….way to go Josh, Ryan, Swedish Mike and Jay y.


  4. sMike Says:

    Also did yesterday nastyness. 16:22


  5. Gilaad cohen Says:

    You love it just as much as you hate it!!!!


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