Thursday 8.11.10

OK everyone here are the winning slogans

“Find Strength in Pain”  and  “Suffer.Excel. Repeat”

Thanks a lot everyone for your ideas and your votes.

We will be ordering these shirts A.S.A.P (different colors this time).

So be ready to pick one up when they come in. I have a feeling they’re gonna go fast.

Nick, Jay + Jeff

1. skill

choose a gymnastic skill and practice(pull-ups, foot to bar, muscle-up, hspu..etc)

2. “Relax and Get Moving”

3 rounds

40 wall ball

25 pull-ups

10 hspu


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7 Comments on “Thursday 8.11.10”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD. DL 185, 225, 245, 275, 285. Row 7:45ish. I’ll tackle you next time, double unders.


  2. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Did JT got like 17:something….with handrelease pushups…rob was beasting it today working on butterfly pullups and almost got them…then did the workout with dead hangs… hes going to be a monster…good job jodie getting a few muscle ups…and michelle who was soooo closee.


  3. Fred Says:

    17:20 on WOD tonight. Chasing Jodie the whole way. Did a great track workout this morning with Jay D and Laura. 2×400; 2×100; 2×4 20yd suicides. Then max double unders in 2 minutes. Pr on 400 at 1:05.59


  4. Michele Says:

    two wods today

    1. run 800m then: 21-18-15-12-9 SDHP and push ups 15:17rx

    2. yesterdays wod: deadlift 135-165-185-205-225 all unbroken sets of 10; double unders 104, 109, 85. started failing a lot at the end.


  5. Jodie C Says:

    16:23 on wod tonight. Funny that Fred said he was chasing me. He was in the lead and I was chasing him! The only reason I caught him is because my ball was ridiculously smaller and I was shooting at the 9 foot target, he was hitting the 10!

    I agree with Ryan, Rob IS going to be a monster! I can’t wait to see what you are like in 3 months….you are RIDUNKULOUS!!!!!!!

    MICHELE…..MU are yours in a week….I can see it!!!! You are going to CRUSH the Beast! 🙂

    Thanks Matt for a great class tonight. 🙂

    Tomorrow is Ryan’s last day….I’m SO in denial!


  6. amy Says:

    holy cow! looks like everyone was on friggin …. i dunno what. but you guys are PSYCHO today! lol!

    17:53 on the wod. those wall balls were not too terribly fun. hehe.

    and i’m in denial with you, jodie. 😦 you will be sorely missed, ryan!!


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