Friday 8.5.11

Shu + Syl

1. strict press

3 – 3 – 3

2. “shakey”

amrap 15

20 lunge steps 55/35#kb

15 burpees

run 100 meters with sandbag



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13 Comments on “Friday 8.5.11”

  1. Nick C. Says:

    strict press- 3×145, 2×155
    WOD- 5 rounds plus 26 reps


  2. Joel Says:

    Did yesterdays WOD. 10:30@175. Had to resort to ring dips one at a time by the end of the first round.


  3. Staci Says:

    i did yesterday’s, kind of, only with 85lb OHS instead of back squat. 12 something.

    Need to start writing times down!!! 🙂


  4. jay d Says:

    6:13 on yesterdays at 185lbs


  5. Laura Says:

    3 rounds + lunge steps and burpees…that was torture on my legs.


  6. Mike C Says:

    4 rounds + 7 reps. Tough follow-up to yesterday’s squats.


  7. Ryan Cormier Says:

    5 rounds + 10 lunges…awful -_-


  8. Fred Says:

    5 roumds, plus 11 reps.


  9. Jodie Says:

    4 rounds plus lunges and 8 burpees. I effin HATE burpees!!!!

    On a side note i was watching games videos and decided to use some tricks I saw re: ring dips. Got one set of 5 then one set of 10 unbroken real ring dips. Cha Ching!!!!!!! Garage games here I come! 🙂


  10. Jay W. Says:

    Did yesterday’s today. 7:00 @ 150 lbs.


  11. Heather Donnelly Says:

    80lb press.
    Wod: 4 rounds even. That sandbag was heavy. 😛


  12. sMike Says:

    5 rounds 13 lunges
    Getting up the stairs with the sandbag was horrible in the end…


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