Wednesday 8.3.11


1. snatch

3 sets of 5

No higher than 95/65

concentrate on your mechanics

hold at the bottom for 3 seconds. If you need to change your position, change it

then complete the movement.

2. ” Swingers”

with 12 min on the clock

you must first run 800 meters

then complete an amrap of:

 kb swings 1.5/1



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10 Comments on “Wednesday 8.3.11”

  1. Joel Says:

    Did yesterdays workout at 530am class (not fun waking up that early). 19:37 including row. HSPU w/mat and 25. Box jumps were slow.


  2. Staci Says:

    paleo challenge day! did max bw squats and sectional wod 2 this morning.

    bw squat – before was 11@145, did 25 this morning – and probably could have gotten a few more.
    wod 2 – before was 7+26, today was 7+33. not overly happy with that, but hey, at least its better and not worse 🙂

    will be back to do running and (maybe) pullups later!


  3. jay d Says:

    114 swings. “you’re so money and you don’t even know it”


  4. Mike C Says:

    86 swings. Tried to keep up with Fred on the run, big mistake – burnt out after the first 400m.


  5. Fred Says:

    124 swings


  6. Ryan Cormier Says:

    137 swings… i hate gil for making this workout…and i hate fred and jay for getting over 100…making me work harder then i want to -_-


  7. matt t Says:

    155 swings on the wod. Ryan made me push it as I watched him crank out 137 earlier. Pre wod ohs strength. 10 reps @ slightly over bodyweight of 195 than went up to 260×1. Feel I can get more but will take the pr.


  8. Heather Donnelly Says:

    100 swings exactly. My arms need a break.


  9. Jodie Says:

    Light kbs r def a wheelhouse for me. Rowed 1000m (dealing w foot issue so cant run) 165 swings then rowed 1000m. Needed redemption after yesterday’s 22 plus minutes. Whenever I wanted to put the kb down I talked myself into 15 or 10 more. That strategy definitely worked tonite! 🙂


  10. Robert Rykowski Says:

    Did this one at home at dusk – 118 Russian swings. had to switch to the 1p kb at around 75 cause my lower back was shot.


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