Tuesday 8.2.11

Shu  Yee

1. ring rows

10 – 10 – 10

concentrate on keeping your shoulders down and pinching your shoulder blades together

each time you pull yourself up. Don’t just try to get through the movement.

Make each pull perfect.

2. “candy corn”

3 rounds

10 hspu

15 pull-ups

20 sdhp 95/65

25 box jumps 27/23

after your last round finish with:

30 calorie row



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14 Comments on “Tuesday 8.2.11”

  1. Abby Says:

    Thanks Gil. Great workout! Nice to meet you and the rest of the 6am class.


  2. jay d Says:

    17.13. Shocking how much slower round three was compared to round one.


  3. Fred Says:

    17:43. C2B Pullups killed me.


  4. Ryan Cormier Says:

    did this yesterday and had a very bad day with this…hands were ripping on c2b and slimey chalk on sdhp…a very bad performance of 20:40 on this one….not including the row…going to put my body through hell today


  5. Nick C. Says:

    14.05 without the row. box jumps were just a little too high to link quickly . . .


  6. Mike C Says:

    16:28. The row was agony


  7. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I did yesterday’s workout. PR’d on my squat clean, 120lbs – an improvement by 15.
    wod: 3 + 37 with 75lb clean and jerks. Double unders still trip me up.


  8. Robert Rykowski Says:

    18:48 before the row. On the verge of cardiac arrest. Loved it.


  9. Jodie C Says:

    This wod was RIDICULOUSLY difficult! 22:26 rx. 30 HSPU and 45 C2B pull ups are NO JOKE! Thanks Gil. 😦

    Just wanted to say it’s been SO FUN having all the out of town visitors this week. We have folks from Milford, Hadley, Wisconsin, San Diego, and Texas. If you see someone new, take a second to say HI and welcome them to our box. 🙂


  10. Gilaad cohen Says:

    You guys are all AWESOME!!!


  11. sMike Says:

    Don’t know what happened but I flew through this one. 16:24


  12. Jay W. Says:

    15:20, 27 inch box jumps get old quick.


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