Saturday 7.9.11


1. Deadlift

50 reps @60% 1rm

2. Team WOD

each person must complete:

 500 meter row

50 wall balls

50 overhead walking lunge steps 45/25

50 foot to bars

500 meter run

Someone on the team must hold a sandbag during the entire WOD.

I don’t care how you hold it.



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3 Comments on “Saturday 7.9.11”

  1. Jodie C Says:

    we miss grayson!!!!!


  2. Sewage (amy) Says:

    Anyone up for some casual Ultimate frisbee tonight?? 8pm on Boston Common. It’s totally low-key. No score keeping. First-timers welcome. I can teach you the rules and how to throw. 😀
    Holla back if you wanna carpool and alleviate parking drama.

    ps, Sewage was my field name back in the day.


  3. Jack H Says:

    CFN’s newest member, Jeff Baldwin was killin it today, his first WOD ever! Don’t know what we finished in, but it was a good time for sure


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