Friday 7.8.11

Jay D

1. skill

power snatch

Work to a bit heavier than your WOD weight

2. WOD

7 rounds

7 power snatch @ 95/65

6 box jumps @ 30/26

5 burpee muscle-ups

 If you can’t do burpee muscle-ups sub 10 burpee pull-ups, 10 push-ups



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2 Comments on “Friday 7.8.11”

  1. Heather Donnelly Says:

    28:23. That was miserable. 😀


    • Jodie C Says:

      That was the WORST wod!!! I was actually envious of the guys doing muscle ups because it honestly looked WAY easier than the 10 burpee pull ups and 10 push ups the rest of us slugs had to do.

      You know a wod is bad when the TWENTY SIX INCH BOX JUMPS are the EASIEST PART!!!! 😦

      24:23 w/ 65lb snatch, 26″ bj, 10 bupee/pu, 10 pu


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