Tuesday 6.28.11

Just wanted to encourage everyone to do Matt’s Oly class.

It will help you become more efficient on your Oly lifts and help prevent injury.

Sign up this week on Wed or Thurs. It’s only 15 bucks at the door and worth much more.

Jen B + Staci A

1. Skill

A. hanging in the hollow position

B. front lever progression

2. WOD

Amrap 12

run 100 meters with sandbag

10 push-ups

10 toes to bar


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7 Comments on “Tuesday 6.28.11”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Be there Thursday for sure!


  2. amy Says:

    there’s a Swedish Mike look-a-like in the movie Growing Op. Swedish Mike is waaaaay cooler. 😀


  3. Fred Says:

    Did the Jim Dandy WOD from yesterday. 13:54 with 115# c&j. Definitely did not feel good enough to handle 135# and had to stop toward the end of the second round for about 1 min because my stomach became distended and rapid heart rate. This is directly linked to my Paleo score for last week of 38 points. It is amazing how much my performance is affected by nutrition decisions. It was a fun week last week, but it came with a price!!


  4. jay d Says:

    14:54 on Jim Dandy, 135#. Need more work on my C&Js


  5. amy Says:

    5 rounds flat on today’s wod, Rx. 😀


  6. Ryan Cormier Says:

    So me and jack went back at 6 to work on snatches and box jumps…I did good got a new PR with 155lb squat snatch and a 53 in box jump….Jack had an impressive 175lb squat snatch (10lbs above body weight) and his max box jump actually was collarbone leve(im geussing about 56in. The kid is an animal.


  7. Staci Says:

    forgot to update this yesterday! 4 rounds plus the pushups.


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