Monday 6.27.11

At the top of the kettlebell swing the weight should be in line with the hips and heels,

hips and knees fully extended, and head through the arms

1. Thruster

3@70% of 90% 1rm

3@80% of 90% 1rm

amrap@90% of 90% 1rm x 2 rest 2 min between rounds

2. “Jim Dandy”

50 box jumps 24/20

15 clean and jerks 135/95

75 dbl unders

25 box jumps

10 clean and jerks

50 dbl unders

15 box jumps

5 clean and jerks

25 dbl unders



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8 Comments on “Monday 6.27.11”

  1. Pete S. Says:

    17:38 on “Jim Dandy” yesterday. That was indeed a “Jim Dandy.” Thanks Gil for fixing my double unders about halfway through, they got much better!


  2. Staci Says:

    thrusters – 8@95 both times.

    jim dandy – 18:50 with 95lb c+j’s and a million and a half singleunders. (ok, 225,150,75).


  3. Nick C. Says:

    jim dandy- 11:48

    was this wod named after the jim dandy sundae from friendlys?


  4. Ryan Cormier Says:

    Jodie, my t-shirt is officially going to say:


  5. jodie Says:

    13:23 on wod w 95 lb clean & jerk. Great fun at the 12:30 class with matt t, joel, ryan and michele b. Not sure if anyone has had the pleasure to do a wod w this group of athletes, but it was just awesome to watch everyone’s intensity!! Thanks for the encouragement on the thrusters. 5 or 6 max reps at 110 for first set then 4 i think for second set at 110. Ill take it! 🙂


  6. cristina Says:

    No Rep!


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